It’s Friday But Sunday’s Coming – 8/24/17

For Friday 08.24.17 One of my all-time favorite movies is “The Right Stuff” which came out in 1983 and tells the story of the original Mercury 7 astronauts.  Guys like Chuck Yeager, John Glenn, Gus Grissom and Scott Carpenter were deemed to have “the right stuff” to be astronauts back in the day.  NASA calculated that “the right stuff” for astronauts included bravery, stamina, teamwork, good eyesight and the ability to think outside the box.  So, what does this have to do with Sunday you might ask? We will be looking at a section of the gospel of Mark (1:21-39) that shows us that Jesus had “the right stuff.”  By looking at a day in the ministry life of Jesus, we will see 5 evidences that Jesus had “the (original) right stuff.”  I hope you can read these verses in Mark before Sunday and try to imagine what this day of ministry looked like from the perspective of the 4 brand new disciples who Jesus was traveling with.  Peter, Andrew, James and John had a front row seat to witness Jesus demonstrating that he had “the right stuff” in situations that involved huge crowds of hurting people as well as small groups of friends and family and even one-on-one intimate moments.  Looking forward to sharing this lesson with you on Sunday!   Prayers for: ·      Dennis Jackson ·      Barry Newman ·      Jimmy Duke See you Sunday!  BLESSINGS!... read more

It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming – 8/11/2017

  ​ For Friday 08.11.17   I’m curious…do you have, hanging in your house somewhere, one of Central’s 2017 Church calendars?  We gave them out at the first of the year…and I hope you have one hanging somewhere in your house…and I hope you take a glance at it occasionally…at least when you change the months, I hope you notice the monthly theme page.  The monthly theme pages provide a thought and scripture passage related to our 2017 Congregational Theme: “Making Disciples” For the month of August, the monthly theme thought is “Our Goal: Becoming Like the One We Follow.”  So, this Sunday I will be presenting some ideas in our continuing study of “The Jesus-Centered Life” entitled: “Who RU Becoming?”  The 2 Big Ideas in the lesson will focus on – “We BECOME Who We BEHOLD” and “We are FORMED By Whom We FOLLOW.”  I am looking forward to sharing these ideas with you.  Please be praying that I will say just what God wants me to say and just what someone needs to hear to move closer to Jesus. Prayers for: ·      Keep praying for Barry Newman at Quinton ·      Keep praying for Dennis Jackson at home See you Sunday!  BLESSINGS!... read more

It’s Friday But Sundays Coming – 7-21-2017

  For Friday 07.21.17             If you’ve lived in the South for any length of time, you have most likely seen one of those signs, usually out in the country somewhere, that say: “REPENT!”  I have seen them painted on rocks or written on a board and nailed to a tree.  I even saw one this week out by the Mall that said: “TURN TO JESUS!”  What do you think when you see these signs?  How do they make you feel?  You have probably heard a preacher sometime in your life who could be characterized as preaching “turn or burn” sermons.  You don’t get much of that these days in our tolerant-driven society.            It is intriguing that in the Gospel of Mark, when Jesus begins his public ministry, he has a very simple message.  Take a look at Mark 1:14-15 before you come to the worship assembly on Sunday.  Jesus makes 2 declarations (“The time has come” & “the kingdom of God has come near”) and gives 2 commands (“Repent” & “believe the Good News”).  Here’s a ponderable for you:  Is Jesus saying, “turn or burn” or is Jesus saying, “turn and believe”? Are they the same? Or are they vastly different?  I’ll be talking about this in my sermon on Sunday so let me hear your feedback. See you... read more

Take Heart

Scanning the headlines of major news outlets this week, readers have been informed about political candidates, scandals, polls, and the general mayhem going on around the world. It can be enough to unhinge even the most positive and stable of people. Among the various subjects getting more press these days is the unemployment numbers and their potential for artificiality as well as the general (bad) mood of people in the country. Despite all the “good” news about the economy, people in the middle do not seem hopeful for the future and do not feel that their lives are improving in any measurable way.

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Eternity in Our Hearts

In Psalm 139 David poetically expressed his wonder at God’s creation: “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well.” The human body is an amazing machine fashioned by the Almighty.

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Here in the first week of a New Year it seems that New Year’s resolutions are almost a thing of the past; that all pretense of our ability to change our behavior, even in the smallest ways, has been dropped. Perhaps, this is only a personal observation more than an actual fact. Perhaps I am mistaken and people are as committed as ever to personal improvement but I have not heard as much about resolutions as in years past. It makes me think people have just given up and that concerns me.

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A Season of Celebration

As a holiday Grinch, I’d have to say that one of my favorite easy reads is John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas or, if you prefer the movie, Christmas with the Kranks’. I have never been one to decorate my house with lights like Clark Griswold. I don’t usually get too sentimental about the holidays but I really appreciate those who do

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