In Psalm 139 David poetically expressed his wonder at God’s creation: “I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well.”  The human body is an amazing machine fashioned by the Almighty.  The account in Genesis describes the creation of man as God forming us like a potter forms clay or a sculptor fashions stone but then, in His awesome power, He animated us with life and a soul with His breath; something no mere artist has ever accomplished.  Every breath you and I breathe exists from the mouth of God.  Like David, this knowledge ought to inspire us and fill us with amazement and wonder.

As beautiful as the Psalms are in their way of instruction, more direct to inform us how to be successful in life is the wisdom literature of the Old Testament.  Some of the best motivational, personal development literature available is in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.  Solomon said several things in Ecclesiastes 3:10-15 that remain ever present in my mind.  In verse 11 Solomon said that God has put eternity into the hearts of men and I want to know all that can be known about what that means because it is so empowering and encouraging, so, what does it mean?

First of all, having put eternity in our hearts, God endowed mankind with an everlasting soul.  You were meant to live forever but, according to the Scriptures, your body was not meant to live much beyond 70 years.  No matter how many trips we get around the sun, we can hardly imagine anything better than our earthly existence (for those who have known a good life).  You have set goals for yourself to keep going and moving forward.  You have things you still want to accomplish.  You still have places to go and things left to do.  Regardless of all our goals and dreams we have an appointment with the king of Kings, whether things are good or bad; whether we are happy or sad, if we are young or old, sick or healthy this body is going to be planted and our soul is going on to its reward.  Get ready and don’t let your “passions” or stuff get in the way.

Secondly, having put eternity in our hearts, mankind has a proclivity to believe in life after death.  This is one of the things that insinuate the Christian message into human culture and society.  While it may seem too fanciful for some, others are searching for it and desperately want to believe in it and instinctually search for eternity.  John wrote that men grope about in search of it.  Having eternity in thier hearts means that people will listen if we will simply proclaim the truth to them.  We cannot allow the scoffers and the unbelievers of this world to win by fearing all the static and blocking they throw into the communication channel through their sarcasm and smug doubting.  There is a fundamental consciousness of something greater and better than we now have.  There exists a large cohort of people in this world searching for meaning but not finding it in the things the devil puts in front of them.  When they are hungry, Satan puts things in front of them that make them think their hunger will be satisfied be it food, drink, flesh, or anything they can visually, audibly, or orally consume.  God intended for you to have a good life but that good life begins with the salvation that He offers.  No form of good life or good living is going to amount to the eternity God has prepared for us in heaven.

Bryan Collins

Minister, Central Church of Christ