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For Friday 07.21.17


          If you’ve lived in the South for any length of time, you have most likely seen one of those signs, usually out in the country somewhere, that say: “REPENT!”  I have seen them painted on rocks or written on a board and nailed to a tree.  I even saw one this week out by the Mall that said: “TURN TO JESUS!”  What do you think when you see these signs?  How do they make you feel?  You have probably heard a preacher sometime in your life who could be characterized as preaching “turn or burn” sermons.  You don’t get much of that these days in our tolerant-driven society. 

          It is intriguing that in the Gospel of Mark, when Jesus begins his public ministry, he has a very simple message.  Take a look at Mark 1:14-15 before you come to the worship assembly on Sunday.  Jesus makes 2 declarations (“The time has come” & “the kingdom of God has come near”) and gives 2 commands (“Repent” & “believe the Good News”).  Here’s a ponderable for you:  Is Jesus saying, “turn or burn” or is Jesus saying, “turn and believe”? Are they the same? Or are they vastly different?  I’ll be talking about this in my sermon on Sunday so let me hear your feedback.

See you Sunday!  BLESSINGS!           Steve