When you hear the word “urgent” what kind of feeling do you have?  If you get an email marked “urgent” how do you respond?  Have you ever gotten an “urgent request?” Have you ever wondered why they call it “Urgent Care”?  Some words from the definition of urgent are: requiring immediate action or attention” or “done or arranged in response to a pressing or critical situation.”  We all have been in situations or circumstances that might have been “urgent”.   As disciples of Jesus, we live with the tension that the urgency of the gospel message places on our lives. As followers of Jesus who have heard the gospel, believed the gospel and responded to the gospel – we know that the gospel message (That God loves us so much He sent His Son, Jesus, to take our place of punishment for our sins and that because of the work of Jesus on the cross, we have life that is abundant here and eternal forever) is urgently needed by a lost and dying world.  The gospel requires our immediate attention and action because the lost are facing a critical situation – they will be lost eternally and sent to a terrible place if they do not come to know, love and follow Jesus!  Are we willing and able to address this urgent situation?  Be pondering and praying about your sense of urgency.