Everyone is so cordial, friendly, and encouraging.  I receive uplifting cards, letters, and notes of love, care, and encouragement.  God Almighty has brought my spiritual journey to Central, where I feel loved, encouraged and vital.  I feel at home.  Now I proudly and thankfully can say MY Central Family.  This is where I need to be. – Lorraine Smith

When we first moved back to Georgia, we struggled to find a church home. But the first time we visited Central we knew this was where we belonged. We were treated like family from the first day. Having a strong youth group was important to us also. – The Bingham’s

After Mike and I were married, we began to look for a church home. We were not successful after 2 years of visits. Because of an invitation from close friends to attend a gospel meeting and then Sunday services, we began a Bible study with the pulpit minister and his wife, an elder and his wife and our close friends. The study was enlightening!! Our new church  home is based on and follows the teachings of Christ and his Holy Book. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are sincere in their beliefs and always welcoming and supportive in all aspects of life. The Dalton Central Church of Christ is our church home ! – Mike & Elaine Stanton